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Pudao Member Benefits

Members at Pudao get access to our incredible tasting machines, in-store discounts, special promotions, exclusive offers and regular tasting events in the store and beyond.

Pudao Membership is only a one off 300 RMB to join and gives you:

•   200 RMB credit to be used in the tasting machines, that never expires, and you can top up any time you like.

•  Enjoy store event entry fee with 100RMB/per person, it can be redeemed when you purchase at the same day.

•  10% off of any bottle of wine purchased in the store.

•  15% off any 12 bottles purchased in the store.

•   Members also gain free access to our wine tasting events and weekly canapés night.

•   Last year, during our tasting events, Pudao Members tasted over 200,000 RMB of wines from some of the greatest producers from all over the world.

This year we have over 20 different tasting events planned with over 250,000 RMB worth of wine to taste.

New Tasting Policy for Member

From this week onwards we are giving away free credit for people that top-up 1000 RMB or more on their membership cards.

For members that top-up 1000 – 2999 RMB on their tasting card at one time we will give an extra 20% of tasting credit free!

For members that top-up 3000 – 4999 RMB on their tasting card at one time we will give an extra 40% of tasting credit free!

For all members that add 5000 RMB or more tasting credit to their card at one time, we will Double It!