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Langton’s Launches in East Asia

Monday, 18th July 2016

Langton’s, Australia’s leading fine wine market place, is pleased to announce the launch of Langton’s East Asia, our new Hong Kong-based fine wine brokerage business. Our aim is to offer wine lovers across the region access to the incredible portfolio, already enjoyed by thousands of customers in Australia.

Langton’s launch in East Asia will include the existing Pudao Wines and Adelaide Cellar Door businesses in Hong Kong and Macau.

The Langton’s brokerage business in Australia, which offers exclusive one-on-one wine advice and service, is being extended into East Asia as part of the launch. Langton’s East Asia will be offering wines, cellared in perfect condition, from all the classic wine regions of the old and new world. At its heart, Langton’s East Asia will offer clients a level of personalised service and access as yet unseen in the Asian region.

Jeremy Parham, General Manager of Langton’s, says, “We’re thrilled to see the launch of Langton’s East Asia. It’s been on the horizon for Langton’s to establish a Hong Kong operation for a long time, given the popularity and history of both the Langton’s Classification and Australian wines throughout Asia.”

Representing one of the broadest range of quality wines in the region, Langton’s East Asia Head of Wine, Marcus Ford says: “What set Langton’s apart from the outset was a passion and belief in Australian fine wines, we firmly believe that the time is now to tell that story even further in Asia. Langton’s also delivers an amazing array of fine wines from all corners of the world and we look forward to sharing the access of this extraordinary range with our customers throughout the region.

Langton’s East Asia comprises a small team of dedicated and experienced wine brokers with a passion for offering superb wines at competitive prices. Every customer can expect informed advice, access to a great Australian wine tradition, invitations to exclusive fine wine events and efficient and safe delivery.

For more on Langton’s East Asia, see below or click here


Langton’s – Fine Wines since 1988

Langton’s is Australia’s leading fine wine marketplace. While it began as a specialist wine auction house, Langton’s now also embraces a comprehensive private wine broking operation. This provides customers with exclusive one-on-one service and access to extended networks of cellar doors across Australia and around the world.

Langton’s was founded Melbourne in 1988 with a Sydney office opening the following year. What set Langton’s apart from the outset was our passion and belief in Australian fine wines.

Langton’s was instrumental in developing the auction market for Australian wine and in building the Australian market for fine imported wines.

Langton’s was also a key player in the extraordinary success of Penfolds Grange and other elite Australian wines. Indeed, when Penfolds began its Red Wine Recorking program in 1991, Langton’s was on hand to provide Penfolds Grange owners with independent advice. This relationship continues. For more on the Langton’s Story, click here


Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine

Langton’s Classification of Australian wine is the paramount form guide to Australia’s finest wines. Entry into the Classification is based on a wine’s reputation and track record at auction.                

The inaugural Classification, in 1990, included just 34 wines. The sixth edition – Langton’s Classification of Australian Wine VI – unveiled on 1 May 2014 – includes 139 wines and incorporates a number of important changes and additions.

In its early years the Classification successfully strengthened the fledgling market for fine Australian wine. Twenty-five years later it is arguably the most famous and widely respected wine Classification outside Europe. For more on Langton’s Classification, click here

For more information please contact Marcus Ford