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A Game Changer for Chinese Wines

Have you heard the big news of Chinese wine from the Decanter Asian Wine Awards?
Kanaan Winery's Pretty Pony 2013 delivered an unprecedented performance, winning the “Asia Red Regional Trophy”- the best performance for a Chinese winery in DAWA history! This award follows the "Best Chinese Wine Award" at the Wine 100 event in Shanghai earlier this year. We have long been admirers of Kanaan wines and we truly believe that the 2013 Pretty Pony deserves all the awards and accolades!!

Who is this extraordinary Chinese winery? What is the story behind it?

Pretty Pony

Kanaan Pretty Pony is a boutique Chinese wine made in small quantities from premium vineyards nestled near the Helan Mountains in Ningxia, China. Fang said: “ ‘Pretty Pony’ is the result of my dream that the new emerging China fine wine industry is young and of full energy like my ‘pretty pony’ and I hope Chinese fine wine are ready to thrive to be stronger and better and one day showcase the world how exciting Chinese fine wine could be.”

Abount Kanaan Winery

Kanaan Winery is located on the foothills of Helan Mountain seen by many to be the region with the greatest potential for fine wine making in China.

Kanaan wines have already been recognized in both domestic and international competitions, and have received increasing praise for their impressive quality, complexity, and depth. The accolades began when the renowned wine critic Jancis Robinson described Kanaan as “the wine that I thought was best of all” at a tasting of 53 premium Chinese wine in April of 2014. Since then the wines and the awards have gone from strength to strength.

Kanaan is also Owner Crazy Fang's 'Crazy decision'! After 12 years living abroad, she returned to her homeland with passion for wine in 2011. Despite the tough conditions she has thrived on her return to Ningxia.


Kanaan is an expression her love for Ningxia as well as the passion for horses. The Horse motif runs throughout the Kanaan story as a tribute to the Mountain and ancient local word for horse of “Helan”.

The Kanaan Name is Fang’s tribute to the Promised land of the bible, her return to Ningxia and her homeland.

Her father has been a huge influence on the viticulture of fine wine in Ningxia, the Vineyards he began planting some 15 years ago now produce some of the finest wines in China both from Kanaan and other up and coming producers in Ningxia.

picture of Wang Fang and her Father Wang Feng Yu

As Fang says ”After all i have experienced, I am more sure that owning a winery in Ningxia is my destiny.”