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Bin Ends @ 50% Off!

how does bin end work and why


All wine companies are constantly reviewing their inventory to optimize their business and one of the outcomes of these reviews are Bin Ends or Clearance deals.
We carry lots of stocks in our stores and warehouses and we are always trying to make space for the freshest and newest products- that means that sometimes we are in a hurry to move through a previous vintage of the wine hence the great deals you see in our our bin end offers- this week for example we have the last few dozen bottles of Kressmann Monopole Rouge 2009 to finish up, its more important for us to move through this great wine quickly than it is for us to maintain the normal price- hence the great deal for our customers. These kind of offers are always short term so you need to snap them up quickly while stocks last!!


while stock last


The other kind of Clearance deal or Bin End that you sometimes see will be from a discontinued label or producer- we won’t have these wines again in the future so we just want to move it through the stores or warehouses to make space for a new product that we will be carrying for years to come! This month for example we are moving through our last stocks of Loredona’s great wines from California- sadly they no longer make wines under this label so this is the last you will see if this delicious Pinot Girgio and Pinot Noir. There are also some fabulous deals from Allegrini wines both in store and online as we clear out wines from this producer.



Enjoy these great offers while stocks last and keep an eye out for Bin Ends throughout the year- there are always some crazy bargains.
Please note that other merchants may use bin end promotions to clear out bad wines- At Pudao Wines we never sell wines that we wouldn’t happily drink ourselves and recommend to you!!!