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10 Sep 2019

Pudao Wines Shanghai Reopens

​It is a great pleasure to announce the re-opening of our new-look, new-concept flagship. 葡道上海门店老店新开。
18 Jul 2019

Announcement| Pudao Shanghai Store Renovation+ Bin End Sale

Get up to 50% off before we renovate in 28th July!
28 May 2019

Last Call for Beijing Store! 葡道北京门店答谢会!

Last Call for Beijing Store! Get your drinks before June 2nd! 葡道北京门店答谢会, 六月二日前快来喝个痛快!
10 May 2019

Happy Mother's Day! 以爱之名,献礼妈妈!

Time to treat mummy with some yummy wines! 以爱之名,献礼妈妈!
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09 Apr 2019

Tasting: Cool or Hot Cliamte?! 酒瓶里的冰火世界

Cool or hot climate? Join us in our taste and tell tasting this Sat! 想探秘一下酒瓶里的冰火世界? 本周五、六品鉴会万勿错过!
06 Mar 2019

Celebrating Women's Day 举杯欢庆女王节!

Come and check out our Women's Day Special! Everyone deserves a little treat! 是时候举杯欢庆女王节!
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12 Feb 2019

Valentine: Me and You Always 情人若如初见

Ready for Valentine? 情人节准备好了有没有?
17 Jan 2019

New Year Gift boxes and New World tasting! 新世界品鉴会、新年礼盒迎新春!

New World tasting this Saturday! 70% off gift boxes with free fridge for a very Happy New Year!

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09 Jan 2019

Tasting: Chinese New Year, Old World Galore 不负经典旧世界品鉴会

Sample Beaucastel, Barolo, Haut Brion all under one roof this Saturday!
11 Dec 2018

Stock up for Chirstmas with our bin end tasting! 暖暖圣诞季,“辞旧迎新”年度清仓品鉴会!

Stock up for Christmas with our fantastic online deals and come to our bin end tasting this weekend for the festive season. Don't miss!
20 Nov 2018

Newsletter: Langton's VII with Andrew Caillard MW

Hope you all had a great time with Andrew! There are still some great deals on Langton's Wine to fill up your cellar. Don't Miss!
19 Oct 2018

Newsletter: Champagne Day Specials!

Time to pop the cork and celebrate Champagne day!
14 Sep 2018

A pack full of deals for Mid-Autumn Fest!

Save up to 50% off from Mid-Autumn festival packs before 30th September!
03 Sep 2018

Newsletter: New Langton's Classfication VII is out now!

New Langton's Classfication VII is out! Want to know if your favourite is on the list? Come and check them out!
21 Aug 2018

Newsletter: Riesling Fest

Come to our fantastic Rieslings Tasting and Masterclass!
01 Aug 2018

Newsletter: Think Pink, think rose tasting!

Refreshing roses, cool offers to keep you chilled throughout the Summer!
08 May 2018

Newsletter: Make your Mother's Day

Treat mummy to a fabulous day with our fantastic Pudao online offers
02 May 2018

Newsletter: Celebrate Sauvignon Blanc Day

It's not Sauvignon Blanc Day without NZ Sauvignon blanc!
11 Apr 2018

Newsletter: All-in on New Zealand

It's time to chill out with our cool NZ offers and tasting!
28 Mar 2018

Newsletter: Chinese Boutique Wine Fest

Come, sample and find out your favourite Chinese Wine!
13 Jun 2017

The Story of Pudao Wines so far

Wow that’s gone fast-The Story of Pudao Wines so far
29 Dec 2016


Dimitri is a regular panelist and judge for various wine and Sommelier competitions around the world such as the Chaine des Rotisseurs and Decanter Magazine’s World Wine Awards.
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18 Jul 2016

Langton’s Launches in East Asia

Langton’s, Australia’s leading fine wine market place, is pleased to announce the launch of Langton’s East Asia, our new Hong Kong-based fine wine brokerage business. Our aim is to offer wine lovers across the region access to the incredible portfolio, already enjoyed by thousands of customers in Australia.
29 Mar 2016

Langton's Classification: Australia's fine wine ‘form guide'

Australia’s Langton’s Classification may not be as well known as Bordeaux's 1855 Classification, but it is an excellent barometer of how the Australian fine wine market is developing.
a new partnership
02 Dec 2015


We are proud to announce an exciting development in the East Asian landscape. Today sees three of the region’s most dynamic wine brands brought together under one roof.
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19 Oct 2015

A Game Changer for Chinese Wines

Kanaan Winery's Pretty Pony 2013 delivered an unprecedented performance, winning the “Asia Red Regional Trophy”- the best performance for a Chinese winery in DAWA history!
28 May 2015

大咖一席谈 - 见证中国葡萄酒鉴赏文化的十年养成

本期的大咖一席谈很有幸地请到两位一路见证中国葡萄酒行业十年蓬勃发展的元老级人物——葡道总经理、创始人之一的 Marcus Ford 和红樽坊创始人 Simon Zhou (周赛孟)。
06 Mar 2015

Bin Ends @ 50% Off!

All wine companies are constantly reviewing their inventory to optimize their business and one of the outcomes of these reviews are Bin Ends or Clearance deals.
All about screwcaps
28 Feb 2015

All about screwcaps…

Blair Walter has been winemaker at Felton Road "forever," in his own words. Today he would like to say something about screwcaps.
How to open a bottle of wine
27 Feb 2015

How to open a bottle of wine – without a corkscrew

Have you ever been in the situation where you’d like to open a bottle of wine but you can’t get hold of a corkscrew for love nor money?
wine & food web
28 Jan 2015

Top Ten Tips for Pairing food and Wine

Especially with Chinese food, finding the perfect wine to complement your dish can be a bit tricky. However, the right combination will bring out and elevate the best characteristics of an already beautiful wine and delicious meal.
event -passing
01 Jan 2015

The Passing of A True Trailblazer

We are sad to report that one of our dearest friends in wine Serge Hochar of Chateau Musar passed away on January 1st 2015 as a result of a swimming accident whilst on vacation.
Final event
03 Dec 2014

Summergate and Pudao join forces with Woolworths Liquor Group

Summergate Fine Wines & Spirits and Pudao Wines (Summergate) is proud to announce Summergate’s acquisition by Woolworth’s Liquor Group (WLG)
29 Nov 2014

Chinese Winemaking - A Progress Report

Pudao’s GM Marcus Ford has been tasting and judging Chinese wines since 1999, thoughts and impressions on a recent Beijing tasting of Ningxia's most recent vintages follow.
23 Sep 2014

New Wine Arrival (Huet)

Domaine Huet is the name that put Vouvray, and some argue Chenin Blanc, on the map as one of the World’s foremost white wines.
19 Aug 2014

Mid Autumn Great Deals & Promotions

Come Celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival with Pudao Wines! Offering a wide range of great deals and promotions to help you celebrate in style.
24 Jun 2014

Pudao Wines Riesling Weeks

Save up to 35% on selected German Riesling wines
Complimentary 1 bottle of Dr. L Riesling with purchase over $1000
14 May 2014

Rhone Valley Promotion

Special Rhone Valley Offer : Buy any 5 wines above and get on bottle of your choice for free.
Promotion expires : 31 May 2014
30 Apr 2014

Northern Rhone Nicolas Perrin Collection

Price : HK$1999
Venue : Pudao Wine Hong Kong
24 Apr 2014


Good online retailers are hard to come by in HK which is why the new opening of Pudao Wines is really quite exciting.
pudao wines riesling fest
08 Apr 2014


Promotion Period: April 1st to April 30th
Tasting Date & Time: 19th, April 15.00PM - 18.00PM
Venue: Pudao Shanghai Store
彭博新闻 - 葡道香港上线
03 Apr 2014


March 31st, Bloomberg’s "On the Move Asia" featured Pudao Wines in a live piece this week.