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The Best Places for Wine in Beijing
While good quality beer is certainly making headway in Beijing these days, both in stores and bars, oenophiles may find good quality wine harder to locate. Sure, you can always find a Cabernet Sauvignon at 7/11, but if you’re after something a little less pedestrian, there aren’t any quality liquor stores, even if you include the cigarettes and Baijiu joints everywhere. But with a little research you can dig out great quality bottles. Agenda lists some of the best, just for you.

Pudao Wines hits the higher end of the wine market. With whites, reds, roses and sparkling wines ranging from RMB 120 to RMB 3000, Pudao is a place for the wine connoisseur in Beijing. With regular tastings and events, and an Enomatic wine machine with a rotating selection for those seeking a taster before they plunge into a purchase, Pudao hits the spot. Unit F1-01, Tower AB, The Office Park, 10 Jintong West Road.
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